Aung San Suu Kyi really free: let’s amend the Burmese Constitution

Dear friends,

over a long period of time we are following the slow process aimed to free Burma from the military dictatorship and a lot of us are committed to support the establishment of a real democracy in this country. The world has recognized to Aung San Suu Kyi the primacy of a peaceful and effective initiative for the liberation and redemption of her people and the re-establishment of a democratic regime in his country.

We heard her in Italy, during her visit in 2013, we reiterated her our Country willingness to support her effort directed towards the correction from the Burma Constitution of distortions that prevent the existence of a real democratic system.

Who applauded her in Bologna, on the occasion represented by the delivery of an honorary doctorate conferred upon the aftermath of the termination of her endless house arrest, will remember with deep emotion and respect her words on the primacy of the law and the law itself as the foundation of peaceful social coexistence.

The deadline for the election date approaches in Burma.

The Constitution prevents Aung San Suu Kyi to be able to apply as candidate and continues to reserve to the military a decisive share of parliamentary seats (25%) for each pronouncement.  Also the Italian Parliament stated the need and urgency of constitutional amendments in 2014 by approving a resolution in continuity with the work done by deputies and senators in the previous legislatures.

Now we must act with all the determination of which we are capable. For this reason I bring to your attention the text of a petition to be signed. Thank you for what you can do. Every little step helps in travelling even the longest journey.

With friendship,

Aung San Suu Kyi really free: let’s amend the Burmese Constitution

The current Constitution of Burma, enforced by the military Regime in 2008, prevents Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Prize for peace and leader of the opposition, from running for President.

Clause 59 (f) prevents Aung San Suu Kyi from running for the Presidential elections, because she has family bonds with foreigners: her two sons are British citizens. This clause was written to prevent her people from electing her and to prevent her from taking a leading role in Burma.

Since more than one year, Aung San Suu Kyi is requesting to amend this Constitution. In her Country, five million of citizens signed a petition promoted by NLD and the democratic movement for the change of the Constitution.

The Burmese people cannot choose her as President and cannot vote for all her representatives in the Parliament House.
The next political elections, which are due on October 2015, must be “really free”.

We ask the Burma government to amend the clause 59 (f) of the Constitution to let Aung San Suu Kyi run for President with a fair election law.

This international petition is being promoted by the “Associazione per l’amicizia italia-Birmania

This petition has already been signed by:
DESMOND TUTU, Nobel Prize for Peace
ROBERTO BAGGIO, Peace Submit Award
SANDRA ZAMPA Italian MP, President of the Amici della Birmania Parliamentary Association
ALBERTINA SOLIANI, former President of the Amici della Birmania Parliamentary Association
GIUSEPPE MALPELI, President of the Amici della Birmania Parliamentary Association
VALERIA FEDELI, Vice-President of the Senate of the Italian Republic
IVANO DIONIGI, Dean of Bologna University
SILVIA COSTA, President of the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture
PATRIZIA TOIA, Member of the European Parliament
RITA GHEDINI, President of Lega Coop Bologna
NATALIA BORRI, President of The Ad Store Italy and The Ad Store NYC
ROBERTA MORI, National President of Equality Commission  
LIA QUARTAPELLE, Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Committee on Foreign Affairs
CARLO FERRARI, Amici della Birmania Association
SARA AVANZINI, Amici della Birmania Associatio


Sign the petition: you can find it here in Italian and here in English.


This is a global campaign promoted by the Italian Association “Amici della Birmania” (Friends of Burma). Other people are launching the same petition in other countries, which is addressed to normal citizens and political and cultural leaders.

If this petition doesn’t still exist in your country and you would like to launch it, please email specifying your country in the subject.

Twitter Hashtag: #AungSanSuuKyiReallyFree


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